Spreading The Gospel Through Music

We are on a mission to help lead children to Christ through music! Check out the video to hear more about our story. 

Get A Free Instrument!

Register & Connect

The first step to receiving an instrument is to register and fill out the form that will be emailed to you. Once that is done you will be placed on the list to receive a free instrument!


Receive & Learn

Once you receive your FREE instrument you will be responsible to learn the song “Jesus Loves You”.  Below is a link to multiple videos that will help you learn the song!

Learn The Song

Record & Share

Now that you’ve learned the song “Jesus Loves Me” your ready for the last step. Record yourself playing the song, upload it to YouTube, and share the song within our Community!

Share Recording

Finding Christ Through Music


The goal of our website is to help kids find Christ through music. To receive a free instrument we are having them connect with a pastor, listening to a song that talks about the love of Christ, and play that song for everyone to hear.

- Music Missionary Team

Music Missionary Team

Music Missionary was created by three people who have a passion for music and Christ! We want to help lead kids to Christ through music. Thus, Music Missionary was born.

Phil Squillante

Phil Squillante


Jordan Jankoviak

Jordan Jankoviak


Shannon Jankoviak

Shannon Jankoviak


Happy Musicians

I received my free instrument from Music Missionary last month. I’m just now finishing the song “Jesus Loves Me” and getting ready to share it with the community! Thank you so much!

-Melissa T.

I’ve always wanted to learn the guitar, but never had the money to afford one. Not only did I get a free guitar, but I’ve learned more about Christ and got connected with a local church!

-Rakib H.

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